Day 14: Picture Day

Day 14: Post a picture of yourself from last year. Also post a picture from this year – how have you changed?

Last year

Me - about a year ago.

This photo is from about a year ago.  Things that have changed since this photo:

1. I moved to California

2. I lost about 20-30 lbs

3. I discovered a lot of things about myself

4. I grew up… a lot.

5. I moved back to Washington

I don’t regret a day of 2011 – it was a crazy, tough, awesome, wonderful year! And I am really happy to be where I am, and who I am today! And to top it all off – I only have 2 more months until my 21st birthday! Yay! 😀 (I’m pretty excited, if you couldn’t tell!)


Me - 2 months before my 21st birthday on a beautiful sunny day in Washington!


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