Day 12

Day 12: Something you don’t leave the house without.

 My purse! Because my purse houses all the things I deem absolutely necessary to life out in public. I carry everything from my keys to my kindle in my purse. The only thing that isn’t in my bag all the time is my iPhone… And yes, I am the kind of person that would turn the car around to go back and get retrieve it!

I suppose that is a little sad, that I can’t leave the house without my phone. But what if: An emergency should occur? I get a flat tire? I run out of gas? Someone is trying to ax-murder me? A variety of things could happen, and I would be unable to call AAA/the police/my emergency contact!   And maybe I’m a little obsessed with my phone – but who isn’t these days? Our cellphones have become a necessity of life in the 21st century. There are worse things. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Day 12

    • Honestly, I’m not sure. lol I found the picture on Pinterest and loved the whole outfit! I think if you click on the picture it should take you to the original link, though! 🙂

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