Day 7: What Makes You Happy?

 Things that make me happy…  

    • Fresh snow

    • Yankee Candles 

    • Red roses

    • Labrador puppies

    • Spending time with my family

    • Laughing

    • Drinking coffee

    • Watching scary movies! 

    • The Fall (probably my favorite season. I love Halloween!)

    • Writing

    • Reading… 

    • My new kindle… (I broke down and bought one… They are just so much more convenient than carrying several books around in my bag…)

    • Laying outside in the sun

    • Laughing with my best friend and reveling in our craziness

    • Exploring new places

    • Feeling the sand of the beach between my toes while playing with my dog in the surf

    • The smell of pumpkins

    • The sound of rain on a tin roof

    • Seeing the people I love happy

    • Kisses and hugs

    • Dancing 

    • Anything having to do with Zombies 😉

I have totally let this week get away from me – so now I get to play catch up with my posts!

As a last note: 

     I love the gold liner above the black!

And I love this idea/look:



6 thoughts on “Day 7: What Makes You Happy?

    • Thank you, Eric! It’s one of my favorite quotes – I didn’t even know that it was Lennon who said it until a short time ago. 🙂

  1. Very true and I remember Audrey Hepburn had a similar expression, something like ‘the prettiest girls are the happiest girls’. It’s kinda pathetic but I can’t think of much that I’d say makes me happy since those things are inaccessible, being happy or at least stress peace is extremely difficult!

    • I love that quote. It makes me remember to smile when I just don’t feel like it some days. Keep your head up! 🙂 Remember to smile even when everything seems to suck, or does suck. lol It makes things look a little brighter, even if it’s not immediate. Or at least, that’s been my experience.

      Thank you for commenting!

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