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Gen Y Girl

My senior year of high school, I had the genius idea of taking AP Physics, AP Calculus, and AP Statistics, all at the same time.

I pushed myself so hard that year all because I wanted to earn college credits and therefore graduate from college in less than four years.

I did that.

I started working a full-time job at the age of 19 and earned my bachelor’s degree in two and a half years.

I figured that if I got my degree early and had some experience under my belt, I’d be ahead of the game career-wise and would be taking steps towards my journey up the quote-on-quote career ladder. If I did this, I would be a few steps closer to becoming the VP of some great company where my work would consume all of my energy every day.

That’s what success looked like most of my life.

I was…

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Don’t Wait. Be Happy Now.

I absolutely loved this blog post! It’s something I’ve been thinking about for awhile now, and I loved how this awesome blogger put it all into perspective! 🙂

Gen Y Girl

We’ve been lied to all our lives. You know that, right?

We’ve been taught, through society, through movies, through our parents even, that things are always going to be better in the future.

From as early as elementary school, we look at the middle schoolers and think they’re so cool. We can’t wait to be just like them. So we spend our days dreaming of what it’ll be like to be in middle school, failing to understand that those are some of the most awkward years of our lives.

Later when we make it past those awkward years, we’re in high school. As freshmen we look at the seniors and can’t freaking wait to be the oldest. We can’t wait to go to prom, our senior trip, for graduation even.

Then we’re seniors and we go to prom, we go on our senior trip, we graduate. But by the time…

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Day 14: Picture Day

Day 14: Post a picture of yourself from last year. Also post a picture from this year – how have you changed?

Last year

Me - about a year ago.

This photo is from about a year ago.  Things that have changed since this photo:

1. I moved to California

2. I lost about 20-30 lbs

3. I discovered a lot of things about myself

4. I grew up… a lot.

5. I moved back to Washington

I don’t regret a day of 2011 – it was a crazy, tough, awesome, wonderful year! And I am really happy to be where I am, and who I am today! And to top it all off – I only have 2 more months until my 21st birthday! Yay! 😀 (I’m pretty excited, if you couldn’t tell!)


Me - 2 months before my 21st birthday on a beautiful sunny day in Washington!

Day 13: Goals

My Goals for the rest of this month:

1. Let my nails grow out so they don’t look so terrible when I paint them pretty colors.

2. Start doing the P90X yoga that I have been putting off.

3. Drink less coffee – more water.

4. Do another storyboard for my novel before the plot bunnies go into hiding again…

5. Start training for:


This makes me want to start running! 🙂 It looks like so much fun!!!

I ❤ Zombies. 😀

Day 12

Day 12: Something you don’t leave the house without.

 My purse! Because my purse houses all the things I deem absolutely necessary to life out in public. I carry everything from my keys to my kindle in my purse. The only thing that isn’t in my bag all the time is my iPhone… And yes, I am the kind of person that would turn the car around to go back and get retrieve it!

I suppose that is a little sad, that I can’t leave the house without my phone. But what if: An emergency should occur? I get a flat tire? I run out of gas? Someone is trying to ax-murder me? A variety of things could happen, and I would be unable to call AAA/the police/my emergency contact!   And maybe I’m a little obsessed with my phone – but who isn’t these days? Our cellphones have become a necessity of life in the 21st century. There are worse things. 🙂

Day 11: Quotes You Love

Source: via Alexandria on Pinterest

Day 10: Something you’re afraid of…

What am I afraid of? If I wanted to get off easy with this post I could simply say that I’m only still slightly afraid of the dark – and dark mirrors don’t do much for me (the legend of Bloody Mary was never put to the test in my adolescence). I could do a short list of the things that scare me (spiders would probably be on said list. Towards the bottom of course because I am not one to jump on chairs and scream for the man to come and kill it… that’s reserved for mice.) But I think I’ve made too many lists on Uncensored and Unedited lately. So, today I think I’m going talk about what I’m afraid of.

I’m afraid that I will never get things together. I’m afraid I’ll never make up my mind about what I want to do, and that I will be stuck in my holding pattern for the rest of my existence. That one day I will end up with a bunch of cats that I don’t even like; sitting in a La-Z-boy, munching on cat treats because I just don’t give a damn anymore.

I’m afraid I won’t fall in love again.

I’m afraid I’m going to fail, again, in this next school year.

I’m afraid of not making an impact.

I suppose when it comes right down to it – what I feel is the fear of the unknown.

But I am not going to allow myself to think on those things. Because they don’t deserve a second thought.

Fear never did anything for anyone. And it most certainly never offered anyone hope, or happiness, or anything else of worth.


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Day 9: Bucket List Day

My bucket list: 

    • Learn to play the mandolin                        

    • Go snowboarding

    • Spend New Years in Times Square

    • Learn archery

    • Float in the Dead Sea

    • See the house of Juliet in Verona

    • Go blonde! 

    • Legitimately attempt yoga

    • Write a novel

    • Have aforementioned novel published

    • Own a Great Dane

    • Learn to ride a motorcycle

    • Own my own bar/café

    • Go to Europe

    • Let my hair get really long

    • Ride in a hot air balloon

    • Visit all 50 States

    • Buy a 1974 VW Thing 

    • Get another tattoo

    • Start dancing again

    • Graduate from college

    • Be happy

    • Learn ASL

There are a lot of things I want to do in my life – and these are just a few of them. 🙂    

I am addicted to this song right now. 🙂 Just had to share it!  

Day 8: Travel

Day 8: A place you’ve traveled to – and where else you want to travel…

I love to travel! I’ve been to a few places so far…

Seattle, Washington: 

Source: via Slabtown on Pinterest

Source: Uploaded by user via Hallie on Pinterest


Portland, Oregon:

Source: via Molly on Pinterest


Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

There are so many more places I want to experience… I want to see the pyramids in Egypt, and the ruins of Pompeii… I want to take pictures underneath the Eiffel Tower; and tour the Guinness factory in Dublin, Ireland. 

Needless to say my list is quite extensive… 🙂 A great dream of mine would be to publish the next great American novel and be able to travel to all these amazing, culturally rich places and more. Hopefully, someday.